Boudoir Sessions

     Boudoir photography romanticizes and celebrates women.

A unique gift idea for an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or for your special someone. Take time to rediscover and celebrate yourself -- triumph over recent weight loss, fitness goal or just "starting over," and rediscovering your sex appeal.

Boudoir is sexy! A boudoir session is about making romantic, flirty and sometimes even downright sexy photos that remind you of how beautiful you really are. The session allows you to assemble a set of intimate images for your husband, boyfriend, or partner, and sessions are almost always done in a bedroom setting to enhance the feeling of romance and richness.

As for you-- This is your time for fun, dress up, glamour-- and a great excuse to go lingerie shopping.

For the shy, it doesn't have to be revealing-- pose for your images in your favorite sexy dresses, pajamas, or his favorite shirt.

Wear whatever suits your mood and makes you feel your best.